Sustainable Conservation

"If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right." —M.S. Swaminathan

There are multiple facets to environment conservation. The environment in which we work has been of utmost importance to us. We live by our values and create innovative and eco-friendly products at the same time focusing on sustainable resource management. Astral Foundation is committed to implementing relevant measures to mitigate the risks of climate change associated with our business.

We believe that when we think of saving nature, we are saving ourselves. We work in partnership with communities to preserve ecosystems. We supported The Rotary club Ahmedabad Metro Charitable Trust through contribution to the ‘I Save Water Campaign’ project. By focusing on the development of the natural environment, we envision a sustainable future for India.

Sustainable Conservation Initiatives

Making of Ice stupas in Ladakh.

Deeply committed to environmental conservation, we are pleased to contribute to one of the most innovative initiatives for water conservation – ICE STUPAS of Ladakh! Astral Foundation contributed in terms of pipes and other materials for raising Ice Stupas in different villages of Ladakh which conserve many million liters of water and will help the villagers to have water for farming, cultivation, etc. at the right time when they need it the most. Many villages in Ladakh are abandoned as their water source, the ice on the glaciers starts melting early these days and the villagers get less and less water in summer when they need it the most. Ice Stupa is an innovative water conservation initiative developed by Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, the renowned innovator and engineer. In the hills of Ladakh, the upstream water is brought down with the help of pipes, then sprinkled in the freezing air and as a result, a cone-shaped Ice Stupa starts forming. The mid-size Ice Stupa can conserve water approximately equal to 3-4 Olympic size swimming pools. The water sprinkling takes place between November to March – and then in the month of March, the Stupa starts melting and provides water for cultivation, home usage, etc. Being a socially responsible corporate, Astral through its Astral Foundation has always supported initiatives related to water conservation across geographies and this has been another step in this direction.

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Solar Water pump

Project Aquarius is the flagship project of Astral Foundation. Under this project, Astral has donated solar-powered pumps that provide drinking water for animals and people living in arid regions of forests throughout India. We initiated this project along with the earth brigade foundation for the Kanha national park in Madhya Pradesh. As part of this project, three new solar pump sets with a capacity of two horsepower have been installed at Baisanghat barrier, Karonda Kachar, and Ghuri Ghat. Additionally, repairs and expansions of pipelines at Jhoolar, Adwar, and Ghorella in Kanha Tiger Reserve will replenish existing waterholes that have dried up in forests. Furthermore, we are exploring methods for creating and deepening ponds to capture rainwater. This provides additional support and goes a long way in wildlife conservation.

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Solar Water Heaters

Astral Foundation contributed a 20 KW solar power system and a 500 litre solar water heater to Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal. This environment friendly move helps the institution to reduce on the power bills and the resident can get uninterrupted electricity as well as hot water supply. The institute takes up challenging job of taking care of disabled people and for such a cause, we all should step forward and extend help.

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Tree plantation

Astral Foundation places great importance on the conservation and protection of our environment. To facilitate this, Astral Foundation provided financial assistance to VSSM (Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch) for planting 2500 trees like Neem, Paras Pipali, Ambali, Peepal, Vad, Seesam, etc. Also, it provided for monitoring the project site and paying the tree caretaker's salary in Ludra village of Banaskantha to turn the region green and water sufficient. Trees play a critical role for people and the planet. It is imperative to revive the environment. For this reason, VSSM is working relentlessly to plant thousands of trees in different villages of Banaskantha with the support of various organizations.

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