"A good education is a foundation for a better future.” – Elizabeth Warren

Education plays a crucial role in the growth and progress of communities across the world. The happiness and success of people depend on the foundation of rational education and learning. Young children also need emotional development along with education and grooming. As they grow up, they need to be equipped to solve problems as well as to know how to communicate their ideas and problems effectively. However, due to multiple reasons, many of the marginalized communities still don’t have access to basic or advanced learning resources. With the introduction of digital education, due to the lack of adequate digital means, the gap only seems to be widening for such children. To serve society by enabling quality education among such children.

Education Initiatives

Access to Digital Education

-Access to Digital Education- When teaching methods become innovative, learning from them becomes qualitative. Astral Foundation took a step towards better learning for the students by installing Top Class Software. These students are now learning from intuitive education software which makes learning interesting and goal orientated. It consists of attractive animated content which taps into the cognitive thought process of the students to help them understand and learn faster. After all, they are the future of our nation and we believe in nurturing them for a brighter one. Total Smart Classroom- 56 Govt. Primary School Gandhinagar District- 22 Govt. Primary School Sabarkantha District- 16 Vikalang vudhya vihar school and viklang kanyakunj school madhapar, kutch – 4 Shri navchetan Andhjan Mandal Ahmedabad- 2 Govt. Girls Secondry and Higher Secondary school Ahmedabad – 2 Jail Police staff training school ahmedabad- 6 Also, Smart Training and computer-aided smart set-up, for the Police staff. That imparts training to the police staff easily and effectively saving valuable time. Central Jail – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat – 4
-smart classroom – all details
-Software – details

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Smart Computer Lab

Astral Foundation facilatated 6 computers and 16 CCTV camera systems to run by Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal.Differently-abled children got opportunities to learn and grow through computers - Provided revolving chairs for computer room at school for Deaf and Mutes Society - Printers installed at the Shri Srikanteshwara Vidya Samasthe for technological convenience

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Provision of Orbit Readers

Astral Foundation contributed orbit readers to blind students of Viklang Kanya Kunj School and Viklang Vidhya Vihar School in Madhapar, Kutch. Orbit Readers are a great aid to introduce literacy to visually impaired students.

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Contribution of Wheelchairs

Astral Foundation facilitated the students of Viklang Kanya Kunj School and Viklang Vidhya Vihar School in Madhapar, Kutch with wheelchairs. We hope the gift of mobility will help these children in their quest for education, employment and better life.

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The Bestowal of Hearing Aids

Astral Foundation contributed to the School for Deaf-Mute Society, Ahmedabad by providing hearing aids to children on March 12, 2020. The old library for students was also renovated and supplied with books. The computer lab was renovated as well and supplied with latest system and printers.

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Anganwadi Renovation

Anganwadis play an essential role at the rural level in providing pre-school education to children aged between 1 to 5. However, there are many Anganwadis with poor infrastructure in the remote villages of Gujarat. Such Anganwadis can revive, and their capacities can be enhanced through Private and Government sector partnerships. ‘NAND GHAR PROJECT’ is an initiative launched by the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) department of the Government is the first step towards supporting the basic need of health and education of children at the village level. At Astral Foundation, we reckon the importance of integrated child development specifically in rural and semi-urban areas and providing the children with necessary infrastructure. Astral Foundation has taken initiatives to renovate and upgrade the Anganwadis for the benefits of children residing in surrounding areas. The Anganwadis are instrumental in providing health, nutrition and immunization services to the children. The improved infrastructure with additional features like a fully constructed sitting area, storage, and sports equipment for children, clean toilet facilities, a ramp with railing for easy access for children with disabilities of the Anganwadis would help maintain hygiene and cleanliness and strengthen the integrated development of children.

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Educational Toys Distribution

Astral Foundation has taken a series of initiatives aimed to improve the quality and the standard of education. One of such initiatives is to renovate and modernize the Anganwadis so that the children get adequate facilities. Astral Foundation has renovated many such Anganwadis and also ensured that a small toy library is set up too in the Anganwadi. The Anganwadis provide pre-school programs to children under three years of age. At this age, toys play a crucial role in the development and learning of children. Astral Foundation through the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) has facilitated these Anganwadis with toys library and providing toys made from sustainable and upcycled materials.

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Library Project

The tribal remote areas in Maharashtra have limited access and exposure to modern education. There are very few schools and children have limited access to books and other literature. Astral Foundation has taken up an initiative to set up libraries in remote tribal areas so that the local students and the villagers will have access to books and various literature. Such a library was set up in Chirapali village of Trymabakeshwar Taluka, Maharashtra. The library will have books on various topics for students as well as adults. Astral Foundation aims to take this initiative further and set up libraries in such remote villages.

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Scholarship Project

Since its inception, Astral Foundation has laid special emphasis on providing education and has helped needy students in various possible ways. The majority of underprivileged children in our country are still deprived of good education and once they grow, they end up having limited employment options due to lack of education. To help such meritorious students, Astral Foundation has assisted to implement a scholarship program along with Vidyasaarathi, the education scholarship portal. Under the scholarship program, deserving students from the state of Gujarat who have enrolled for courses like B.E./B. Tech, B.Sc in Agriculture, and other undergraduate courses like B.A. will be able to fund their education and fulfil their career aspirations. This scholarship was available to anyone who has a minimum of 50% in his/her 10th or 12th Standard and whose parents have a family income of Rs. 5 lakh or below. Astral Foundation provided scholarships to needy students in Dholka, Ahmedabad, Kalol, and Gandhinagar in the state of Gujarat. This scholarship program will allow the students to pursue their dreams and give impetus to their zeal for learning.

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