Community Welfare

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" – Mahatma Gandhi

Backward communities face several challenges. While the challenges remain, we believe that people can be empowered with the right approach to tap the prevailing opportunities. Being disabled or underprivileged should not be a hurdle in an individual’s growth and development. But sadly, differently-abled people find it difficult to get quality education and employment due to which their quality of life is impacted negatively. Attitudes and prejudices within society keep persons with disabilities from securing employment.

As a part of our continued commitment to giving back to society, we distributed essential commodity kits to 398 families for two months in Bhuj. Astral Foundation works towards reshaping the system, thereby channelizing the efforts towards the economic well-being of the communities.

Community Welfare Initiatives


Pragna Chaksu Old Age Home, managed by Navchetan Andhjan Madal Bhachau, Kutch does substantial work in taking care of old age people. To support this Old Age Home and bring happiness in the lives of the elderly, Astral Foundation installed Swings to this Old Age Home. Also, many necessary appliances and a solar system were provided to aid the institution. This Old Age Home is unique in nature. The elderly staying here are disabled people and have no other support. This makes it even more important to extend our help to the institution.

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The second wave of Covid-19 was so fatal and had devastating effects across the country. Many backward communities had a difficult time surviving the ill effects of the pandemic. As the economic activities were curbed due to restrictions imposed by the government, people with disabilities who bank on small businesses had many troubles sustaining. Astral Foundation came forward to help and serve such people by distributing dry ration kits so that they can manage through these trying times.

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Sewing Machine

Differently-abled people, unfortunately have to face discrimination and they are starved of education, employment and even basic services. It is very important to mainstream them and work towards including them as a part of our society. Attitudes and prejudices within society keep persons with disabilities from securing employment hence education, training and raising awareness become very important to stop discrimination and ignorance. Astral Foundation provided 20 sewing machines to the differently-abled women of Bhuj, Kutch. This should help them stand on their feet, earn livelihood and become self-sufficient.

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Solar Lights

Solar street lights installation for villages in the buffer zone to prevent accidental encounters and straying. Tribal communities living around the outskirts of national parks and tiger reserves are often relocated as per Supreme Court’s ruling. Accordingly, the forest department offers packages to these communities to move out of the forest area and relocate to nearby zones. They are provided with land which is out of the National Park/Reserve but still, the new habitats are in the conflict zone and there are possibilities of wild animals approaching in these areas too. These new habitats have no streetlights and have electricity only up to 4 hours a day. Many residents depend on kerosene for lighting their homes. In the absence of sufficient power during the night time, and as the new habitat is in the buffer zone of the park, there is a constant threat of wild animals leading to grave conflict and damage to both, human lives as well as forest resources. Astral foundation installed 20 solar street lights in the rehabilitated village of Heballa, Hunsur, Karnataka. These streetlights prevent straying and also prevent accidental encounters between wild animals and the tribal communities

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